At 12 years old, my folks sent me to stay with my Grandfather while they went to Hawaii for their second honeymoon. By day 4, my Grandfathers patience was wearing a little thin, and to keep me occupied, he introduced me to his Shopsmith wood lathe. He mounted a 4x4 piece of Redwood fence post on it, showed me his set of gouges and skews, and "turned" me loose. I made a lamp base that he helped me to wire, and fit a halo and lampshade on. The poor lamp base was slightly rounded on the bottom, and it fell over easily. But it stayed in our family for 30 years!!

I continued to dream of having my own shop for 45 years, until 2012 when I finally realized my dream. I built a small shop, and filled it with a fine lathe (Powermatic 3520). The tools that now fill the shop allow me to make just about anything I can set my mind to.

Thru my friendship with Kevin & Gail of Gurian Instruments in Seattle WA (, I offer beautiful inlay images of Hummingbird, Orca, Fungi Perfecti Corporate Logo Mushroom (With permission) and Schooner on my round boxes and Urns.
Robin's Turn- Woodturning from the Forests of the NW
I also use Tribute Coins and other types of coins from the Washington Mint to inlay into the tops of my Boxes. There are MANY coins available. If you have a loved one who served in the Armed Forces there are lots of options, as well as First Responders, Religious and Sport coins of all kinds. Please ask or inquire at